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The Richmond Times-Dispatch

At The Richmond Times-Dispatch I worked as a general news intern, and I covered a range of topics including business, public safety and politics.

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I spoke with the organizers of RVA Community Fridges, which is an organization with locations all over Richmond, Virginia.Their efforts build off the legacy of mutual aid in communities of color.

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United Way of Greater Richmond and Petersburg — a community organization providing support and direct services to 11 localities in the Richmond region — found in its equity data series that nearly 30% of Black households are underbanked in the region. I spoke with experts and people who use cash loan services to learn more about being underbanked.

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When the world shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic, some used the isolation time for baking, at-home workouts and card games. For others, the closed doors hid a painful reality. I spoke with experts about the increase in domestic violence during the pandemic, while access to victim services dwindled in the state.

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