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The Boston Globe

At The Boston Globe I worked as a correspondent for the Newton local section through a partnership with Boston University. 

Parents in Newton, Massachusetts started a petition for a push-button traffic light near an elementary school. Parents, cross walk guards and community members said the street saw a lot of traffic and drivers would often speed. For this story, I reported and took photos.

A stop sign at the cross section of Brookline Street and Hartman road in Newton, Massachusetts. A red and grey car drive behind it. There are trees lining the street, with orange and green leaves.

In fall 2021, the national bus driver shortage loomed over the sports season for Newton’s high schools, with coaches and players facing possible game cancellations and postponements. For this story, I reporterd and took photos.


Some Newton parents said they were eager to take their children to COVID-19 vaccine clinics around the city following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s approval Nov. 2, 2021 for children 5 to 11 years old to receive the shot.

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